Writing documentation for yourself

It sounds weird to write documentation for yourself, right?


Imagine a project you are working on. You finished it, deployed and haven’t touched it for few months.

Now, after this long period of time, you decided to get back to it, make some improvements or fixes, update some packages.

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What it takes to build a side project?

If are talking about building a side project it means that by definition we don’t spend fulltime building it.

If you have a day job you are probably spending most of your time thinking how to solve issues and complete tasks related to that job.

It is very costly to switch between trying to do both your day job and your side project during the day because switching between two projects that require creativity is very costly for your brain.
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What e-commerce focused SaaS are we actually building?

What our SaaS is about?

Let me start uncovering this secret 😁

To describe our web app I’ll start from some distant point to give readers some context to better understand the purpose of the service.

One of the most important things for e-commerce companies is CPO, which stands for Cost per Order. This term means, how much money does company spend to make a customer put an order.

There is no secret, that acquiring new customers is very expensive.

One way to reduce the marketing cost per order is to find cheaper ways to advertise.
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What tech stack to choose for building a project?

If your goal is to build a project in a reasonable time – use any tech stack you are familiar with.

Long answer:
As developers, we often try new tech for our side projects.

It happens because we have our day job where we have to work on existing applications built on top of mature and often dated libraries and frameworks.

Many side projects are usually started as a playground to learn new things, that you cannot use in existing projects. Such projects may never be finished because finishing them was not the goal from the beginning. Trying a new library/language/framework was.

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Building SaaS in 2018, backstory of creating e-commerce focused webapp

Hey everybody!

I want to share with you the story of how I built a SaaS product in 2018.

First of all, I already had a project that was in an MVP-state for a long time, while still serving customers and giving them value.

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Шпаргалка по оптимизации производительности сайта

Главные пункты при оптимизации скорости работы сайта.

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Как не надо проводить оптимизацию производительности сайта

За последние дни на просторах интернета удалось наткнуться на гору статей от “гуру” по оптимизации производительности сайтов.

Многое из того что было мной прочитано больше похоже на вредные советы оптимизатора.

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Часть 3. Как маркетологи убивают производительность сайтов

В этом посте, я расскажу почему маркетологи вредны для ваших сайтов и почему их нельзя допускать к установке всякой ерунды на сайт без присмотра со стороны разработчиков или других технических специалистов, ответственных за поддержку сайта.

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