Building SaaS in 2018, backstory of creating e-commerce focused webapp

Hey everybody!

I want to share with you the story of how I built a SaaS product in 2018.

First of all, I already had a project that was in an MVP-state for a long time, while still serving customers and giving them value.

We built it relatively quickly with Django and Bootstrap server rendered templates.

Now we’ve found resources to give this project much more time and attention.

With the fresh release of Angular and the customer feedback we had collected during the closed beta period, we decided to rebuild the interface and some core features of our e-commerce focused SaaS.

We will give the project a new purpose (pivot), body (Updating Django on the backend) and (inter)face(Angular 6).

What we want to build is a first-class self-service platform for e-commerce businesses that will help them find issues and improve their customer service by collecting feedback from customers the right way to get actionable data.

This data should allow e-commerce businesses to have more returning happy customers and repeated purchases which lead to fewer expenses per order.

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By following this story you will learn how building SaaS in 2018 looks like.

Right now we are targeted on the Russian market so this will affect many decisions we make including the technology and services we use.

So stay tuned! This will be a very interesting journey!

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