What e-commerce focused SaaS are we actually building?

What our SaaS is about?

Let me start uncovering this secret 😁

To describe our web app I’ll start from some distant point to give readers some context to better understand the purpose of the service.

One of the most important things for e-commerce companies is CPO, which stands for Cost per Order. This term means, how much money does company spend to make a customer put an order.

There is no secret, that acquiring new customers is very expensive.

One way to reduce the marketing cost per order is to find cheaper ways to advertise.

But as competition grows, cost per order also grows.

For many companies operating in low-margin niches, like hosting companies, it is a well-known fact that acquisition of a customer costs much more than profit from the customer’s first order or first month of service.

It means that such companies should do a great job to make customers stay with the company for a long time and make repeated purchases, or in hosting or SaaS world – sign up for recurring services. I high competitive niches with low-profit margins only after a 3rd month or maybe even a half year, the company will cover expenses on the acquisition and start seeing profit from this customer.

But let’s focus on e-commerce.

In e-commerce, we don’t see recurring services often and mostly see repeated purchases from existing customers.

And here goes second way to reduce cost per order.

Making your existing customers place more orders.

And preferably without spending a lot of advertisement money during that process.

There are two major ways to address this problem.

First one is to actively advertise to your existing customers.

There are tools for that: E-mail and SMS-marketing, web/app push-notifications, remarketing using Google or Facebook ads and even phone calls.

This is a great way to remind customers about your store and your offerings.

The second way is to make sure customers want to come back, by making sure they are satisfied with your service and products they bought.

Did they like products they ordered?

Are they satisfied with order process?

Did the package arrive on time? Was it damaged?

These are important questions that you need to ask customers after every order they make to make sure that all parts of the store work like a clock and make customers’ shopping experience great.

Great customer experience allows repeated purchases.

Bad experience, on the other hand, will ruin all other efforts to sell anything to a customer who was disappointed.

These metrics should be monitored constantly.

And these metrics should not be monitored as an average across, for example, sales department, or shipping in general.

To make sure a store provides good service, they should constantly monitor these metrics in all departments sliced by every unit in this department.

For sales department: by a manager.

For delivery department: by the city they deliver.

And so on.

So how our Service fits into this important job of making sure stores’ customers’ are happy?

We track orders that were delivered to customers, ask them questions about their experience and products they bought.

Then we let store owners see answers to those questions.

We provide visualisation of trends from collected feedback.

Also, we show store owners places where they have the biggest problems as soon as possible, so they can fix them as soon possible.

Now that store owner has almost real-time data about customers satisfaction levels and made appropriate actions to improve their quality of service, they can start using active methods for getting repeated orders from happy customers.

Why is it more efficient? Because customers, that had a great experience are more likely to buy from the same store again.

It means better conversion rates from your email campaigns and other marketing efforts.

In addition, a store owner can publish customers’ reviews on the website like big shops do. This can also help to convert new visitors into customers better.

So this is what we are building.

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