Couple books I’d like to recommend

Since I don’t have much on my mind today, I’d like to share couple books I’ve started reading recently, that I find extremely interesting and useful.

The first book is about psychology and product development.

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

This book all about building apps that users will stick to using for a long time.
Incredibly useful insights on how to build apps that people will use for a long time.
Building a habit of using your app is a requirement these days due to high competition for users attention.

I’ve bought this book on Google Books, here is the link:

Bonus: I also recommend to listen to the Indie Hackers podcast episode with Nir Eyal, one of the authors of the book, as a guest

The second book is for developers.
Especially for frontend developers, or those who want to learn frontend.

Human Redux
Redux is a state management library, incredibly useful and a must-have in your toolbelt if you are building even slightly complex apps.

Human Redux explains this complicated topic in a very human-friendly way.
If you feel that redux documentation is not giving you clear picture on the topic – read Human Redux.
I’ve bought the book here:

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